County Web Accessibility Policy

Board Adopted May 19, 2009

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Purpose of the Policy

The County of Sacramento is committed to providing employees and the public, including individuals with disabilities, access to Web-based information and services either directly through the Web or through alternative channels.

This document states the Web Accessibility Policy for the County of Sacramento in the continued commitment to provide equal access to government services for individuals with disabilities.

Scope of this Policy

This policy applies to all Sacramento County web content whether centrally hosted and managed by the Department of Technology (DTech) or hosted and managed by County agencies, departments or external service providers. Departments that provide services through contracts shall ensure that such contractors deliver their services in compliance the County of Sacramento Web Accessibility Policy.

This policy applies to the presentation of information whether it is from a web page or a web application on either the Internet or the Intranet.

Policy for Web Accessibility

It shall be the policy of the County of Sacramento that all Sacramento County Web Content be designed to be accessible to and usable by people with disabilities. The County of Sacramento recognizes the importance of making its digital government services available to the largest possible audience. The County of Sacramento websites and web applications (Intranet and Internet) shall be coded to comply with the County of Sacramento Web Accessibility Standards and Usability Guidelines.

It is the responsibility of the departments and agencies Webmaster to become familiar with the County guidelines for achieving these standards and to apply these standards in designing and creating any official County of Sacramento web site.

Effective Date of this Policy

Effective date for this policy is May 30, 2009.

Known Limitations of this Policy

Individuals with (or without) disabilities access the Web with widely varying sets of capabilities, software, and hardware. While this policy does provide the standard for individuals with disabilities to access Web-based information, this policy cannot anticipate every accessibility need, due to known limitations of existing technology. There may be other circumstances, independent of technology that may limit accessibility of County websites.

While every effort will be made, it is understood that creating accessible formats for some historical documentation and graphical renderings maintained by the County may be technologically unfeasible.

Implementation of this Policy


All new web pages, new documents and new forms posted shall comply with the standard.


Existing web sites and pages must be brought into compliance with the standard as part of any substantive site additions, updates or redesign. Substantive changes include, but are not limited to, changes to navigation structure, redesign of site ‘look and feel’ and addition of new content areas, programs or services. Priority for implementing accessibility standards should be given to services accessed by the citizen on a frequent basis and related information such as: major policy documents and reports, forms, materials associated with public meetings, human resources information, and top level department and agency pages.

Compliance Review for this Policy

The E-Government Steering Committee or its designated representatives, the Web Accessibility Workgroup, will conduct regular reviews for compliance with this policy.

Waivers to this Policy

Any requests for waivers to the standard shall follow the current Internet Technology Policy Board (ITPB) Policy on Exceptions to Policy. Requests for waivers must present a business case expressing the undue burden that would be imposed on the agency or department. Also, all requests for waivers must include a process to provide services or information in an alternate format.